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* * Photos of Nashville General Assembly Meetings, Rallies, and the Occupation
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    Time Line
* * Oct. 2, 2011: General Assembly
* * Oct. 6, 2011: Rallies at Legislative Plaza & West End Avenue
* * Oct. 8, 2011: General Assembly & Teach-In
* * Oct. 8, 2011: Occupation begins at Legislative Plaza at 6 p.m.
  * Oct. 9, 2011: Occupation continues
  * Oct. 10, 2011: Meeting at 4 p.m. at Legislative Plaza. March will begin at 4:30 p.m.
  * Oct. 11, 2011: General Assembly meeting at 7 p.m.
  * Oct. 12, 2011: Occupation continues.
  * Oct. 13, 2011: Occupation continues.
  * Oct. 14, 2011: Occupation continues.
  * Oct. 15, 2011: Rally & march downtown
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News on Occupy Nashville (Occupy Wall Street)

Occupy Wall Street Nashville
Oct. 6, 2011: the first public actions of Occupy Nashville began with a rally at Legislative Plaza at noon and during rush hour later that day on West End Avenue at the entrance of Centennial Park. Photo by Jon Erickson.

Occupy Nashville Oct. 8, 2011

Oct. 8, 2011: the second General Assembly convenes near the Parthenon in Centennial Park. Photo by Jon Erickson.

Occupy Wall Street News

Mon Oct 17 2011

Watching the One Percent Squirm (The Indypendent)

'Occupy' protests at financial crisis go worldwide (BBC News)

Wall Street protests go global; riots in Rome (Reuters)

Occupy Nashville plan march, rally Saturday (Tennessean)


Fri Oct 14 2011

Occupy Nashville has arrived—but where are the conga drums and overprivileged protesters? (Nashville Scene)

Jon Stewart: How is Occupy Wall Street Not like the Tea Party? (Video: Huffington PostI)

The start of something new? (BBC News US & Canada)

Occupy Nashville plan march, rally Saturday (Tennessean)


Thurs Oct 13 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Student-Loan Debt Among Top Concerns (Huffington Post)

Thumbs up for Occupy Wall Street: poll (Seattle PI)

Occupy Wall Street protesters cause world leaders to take notice (Washington Post)

Wall Street office cleaners join march for better jobs (Reutert)

Occupy Wall Street comes to Kalamazoo (WWMT.com)

Occupy Wall Street Occupies Headlines (NY Times)

Want to Get Fat on Wall? Try Protesting (NY Times)

Occupy Wall Street protest spreads to the South (Facing South)


Wed Oct 12 2011

Nashville "non-profit" Entrepreneur Center receives millions in government subsidies, and then "counterprotests" Occupy Wall Street (enclave-nashville.blogspot.com/)

Entrepreneur Center tweets, deletes Occupy Wall Street jabs (The City Paper)

Police arrest scores of Occupy Boston protesters (Boston.com)

More than 100 arrested at Occupy Boston protest site (Reuters)

Protesters Against Wall Street (NY Times)

Occupy Wall Street gain momentum in Bay Area (Washington Post)

On the Media: Tea party, Occupy Wall Street share a moment (Los Angeles Times)

Occupy Wall Street swarms Rupert Murdoch's home on march (Reuters)

Occupy Wall Street May Be Too Big to Fail (Huffington Post)

Difference between Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street protesters (Green Party of TN)

1514 Occupy Together communities (Occupytogether.org)


Tues Oct 11 2011

Occupy Nashville Protest Videos (Missouri News Horizon)

Five Myths of Occupy Wall Street (WBIR-TV)

Protests spread across America (Market Watch)

What is Occupy Wall Street? The history of leaderless movments (Washington Post)

Occupy Wall Street: Democrats and Tea Partiers Pick Their Sides (Slate)

Occupy Wall Street: the wake-up call (ABC.net)

A Walk in the Park (The New Yorker)


Mon Oct 10 2011

Anti-Wall Street protests bide time, talk shows crackle (Reuters)

Occupy Wall Street Protests Reach Knoxville (WBIR-TV)

Protests spread across America (New Zealand Herald)

Recession officially over, U.S. incomes kept falling (NY Times)

GOP candidates rip on 'Occupy Wall Street' movement (Des Moines Register)

Panic of the Plutocrats (NY Times)

A Protest's Ink-Stained Fingers (NY Times)

The Occupied Wall Street Journal, Issue 1 (PDF on Scribd)

The Occupied Wall Street Journal, Issue 2 (Breaking Copy)

We are the 99 percent (tumblr.com

Take the Square (takethesquare.net)

Sun Oct 9 2011

Confronting the Malefactors (NY Times)

Occupy Nashville protesters camp out downtown (Tennessean)

The Occupation Begins (Tennessean)

Occupy Wall Street spread to Nashville (video: InsideVandy.com )

On the ground with Occupy Wall Street (Montreal Gazette)

Occupy D.C. protesters march through Washington demanding jobs (ABC News)

Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party (NY Times)

Occupy Wall Street Protests: What do the one percent think? (Washington Post)

Occupy Wall Street Seen from Abroad (NY Times)

Protests Spur Online Dialogue on Inequality (NY Times)

Atlanta-based CNN Ignores Occupy Atlanta for Occupy Wall St. (San Francisco Chronicle)





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What's Occupy Nashville about?

Occupy Nashville is a group of people representing a wide cross-section of Middle Tennessee who have come together in support of the many occupy movements across the country with the goal of ending the corporate corruption of our political system and thereby giving the voice of democracy back to the people. (taken from the official website)

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