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Nashville Farmers Market


[Special Events at the Farmers Market]

The Farmer Market hosts theme days throughout the year, including the Ol' Time Watermelon Festival held in August. Along with free slices of watermelon, the festival includes competitions such as a watermelon seed-spitting contest and an event for farmers--the largest watermelon contest.

The second Saturday of November is Turnip Greens day--the merchants serve up cooked turnip greens, sweet potatoes, and corn bread FREE; and barbecue is priced at particularly low prices. Featuring what is billed as "the largest pot of greens in the world," the Festival dishes out free greens, sweet potatoes, and cornbread. (Be sure to come early before the greens are gone.) Barbecue is available at bargain prices! A blues band entertains you while you dine on some of the South's finest produce.


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Nashville Farmers Market
Location: 900 8th Avenue North
Phone: 615-880-2001
Open seven days a week

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