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Nashville Farmers Market

photo of joanna tinch at farmers market

[11 August 2001] Fresh produce from Middle Tennessee and friendly help await you at the Farmers Market. Johnna Tinch, a rising 10th grader, enjoys her summer job at Johnny Howells' stand, but she says she is looking forward to the start of the 2001 school year on Aug. 16.

If you're traveling to Nashville for a visit, and you'd like to meet some native Tennesseans, you should make a point of visiting the Farmer's Market. You'll be struck with how friendly the folks are. They'll tell you about their eggplants or squash or watermelons and where and how they were grown, and they'll answer your questions about what they think you should see while you're in Nashville.

When I was leaving one Saturday, one of the vendors ran into the parking lot and chased down a woman who had left her purchase of smoked ham at the counter after she had paid for it. Talk about going the extra mile to be honest! If you come, plan to wander and stroll for a while--this isn't the sort of place you want to blitzkreig: it's better to slow down and take time to appreciate the bounty before you.

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Nashville Farmers Market
Location: 900 8th Avenue North
Phone: 615-880-2001
Open seven days a week

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